Project sfxr

So we started to make a prototype for our next game and found this excellent program for generating game sounds:

Buster Flame Released

To get comfortable with game development, we put together a little free to play game during a week of development. In the game you take the role of a female cyclop bounty hunter called Buster Flame to free a town from nasty bandits. The game has a little story and very simple gameplay, but at least it is our first game:



Buster Flame

As a small indie game studio, we are working to finalize our first game called Buster Flame, the story and game-play is very simple but we are still proud to have made a game.

We will publish the link once the game is ready for download.

Abydos Online News #3 Radial Menus

Radial menus are currently being worked on in the Abydos Online prototype. What  makes radial menus exciting is the ease to adapt after players behaviors. For example, looking at the screen shot below, when a player clicks on an object, a circle of buttons appears around it. These buttons define what interactions a player can do with the object, in this case the player has the choice of "pick up", "examine" and "destroy" the mushroom. Each action can be logged in a way that the system learns the probability of actions from a player to a certain type of objects. Using this information, the user interface can re-arrange the most used actions first and then hide or put the uncommon interactions in a sub menu.

Abydos Online News #2 - Screen Shots

Here are some screen shots from the prototype we are building in Unity. Almost all graphics have now been imported into Unity and work will continue to add some actual game play.

12. May. 2013.

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